Marine & Offshore Solutions

DEME has a proven track record in providing offshore services and solutions for the oil, gas and renewable industries. We have several specialist companies within the Group focusing purely on these markets. DEME’s hydraulic engineering knowledge is second to none and our subsidiaries GeoSea, Tideway and Scaldis have a well-respected reputation for being able to offer integrated solutions for complex projects.

Core activities include installing pipelines in coastal and near-shore waters, site investigation, harbour/jetty/quay wall construction, mooring and berthing dolphins, foundation and decommissioning works, as well as marine heavy lifting.

In addition to our main marine & offshore work, DEME provides a wide-range of diverse supporting activities so it can offer clients fully integrated, global solutions. These comprise maritime terminals’ services, maintenance and repair services for the lifetime of offshore installations, salvage operations and pioneering deepsea harvesting of marine minerals amongst others.

Our clients are the leading global players and they rightly demand the very highest safety and quality standards. The ability to meet strict deadlines, reliability and efficiency have proven key to DEME’s success in the market.

We aim to protect our clients’ investments and minimise the risks in this highly demanding sector. We do this by deploying modern, versatile vessels and equipment and crucially, by employing experienced, dedicated people who understand the need for the best quality and the highest safety standards.





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