Data Engineer

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At DEME we believe in the value of data and becoming data driven. As a data engineer you will join the Business Intelligence Competence Center (BICC) within the IT Services department. Together with the team you will be transforming DEME’s data into high quality (BIG) data sets and reports. You will enable our businesses to gain insight in their data so they can support their decisions with facts. You will be working with various kinds of data on multiple projects.
You will be creating, maintaining, and supporting data pipelines with information coming from our vessels, projects, campaigns, third party data services, and so on. You will play a key role in developing and maintaining data models and designing modern data solutions and products on our cloud data platform.
You will work closely with the business to define & finetune requirements. You will support our data scientists and report developers across the organization and enable them to find the required data and information.

  • DEME General
  • ICT
  • Belgium