Project Controls Engineer

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As a Project Controls Engineer, you will be temporary assigned to the Central Project Management Office (CPMO) to provide support and assistance in the creation of the DEME aligned Project Management System (PMS).
The goal is to facilitate all new DEME's projects with a PMS Library with documents, templates and applications to quickly startup a project.
With your experience you will create and improve the content in the PMS, and will coordinate the alignment of PMS-content between Activity Lines.
You will provide support and assistance during the start-up of a project after contract award, by analyzing the contract and implement according to the corporate PMS as best fit for the project.

You will assist, coordinate or manage the development of solutions for tenders and projects to work leaner, smarter and more integrated.
You will train project staff on topics regarding process management, project controls or the implementation of new developments.
You will monitor the performance of the PMS-content on live projects, where you will make suggestions to improve the efficiency & effectiveness

To do this you are familiar with all phases of project management, able to work with people of diverse backgrounds, understand quality control concepts and develop creative and innovative ways to improve business processes.
Together, we work on DEME’s vision of creating a sustainable future.

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