Sustainability Specialist

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To push sustainable value creation forward, DEME has established a clear strategy about how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations into our daily operations. In 2020 DEME extended this strategy with a set of clearly defined sustainability programs to further implement our 8 key themes and long-term ambitions throughout DEME’s 4 Activity Lines (Dredging and land Reclamation, Offshore, Infra Marine and Environmental).

The sustainability department is steering and coordinating:
- the integration and adoption of DEME’s strategic sustainability priorities, a.o. by supporting sustainability ambassadors and program leads across the organisation;
- monitoring and reporting of overall progress;
- communication towards internal and external stakeholder, including DEME’s annual Sustainability Report

In order to scale up the team (currently 2 people), support from a passionate professional is needed!

  • DEME General
  • HR
  • Belgium