A future-proof fleet


length o.a.162.00 m
width38.00 m
draught loaded6.34 m
loading capacity17,500 ton
main propellors2 x 3,220 kW
azimuth thrusters4 x 1,000 kW (retractable)
bow thruster1 x 600 kW (tunnel)
cruising speed13 kts
dynamic positioning
Kongsberg Simrad, SDP 21 dynamic positioning system with auto track, auto heading and follow ROV mode
fall pipe
steel pipe sections (8 m) with internal rubber lining deployed through moonpool
diameter1,000 / 680 mm
depth up to1,500 / 2,000 m
active heave compensated on wires, controlling lower fall pipe end. equipped with cameras, profilers, pipe tracker and other sen
power300 kW
LR 100 AI - LMC - UMS - DP (AA)
rock dumping vessel
IMO / ISM-Code

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